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i havent posted about my relationships here in a long time.
actually, i haven't posted at all in here for a long time.
but this boy my friend likes is driving me crazy....

he's her ex boyfriend, they split a lonnng time ago, though.
theyve been rekindling the flame (kind of!) since like, november.

here's the situation:

he calls after they havent talked in a little bit.
(like, a few weeks or so)
they talk for a while, sometimes for hours at a time.
he's clingy, but in a cute way.
he finally asks her to hang out.
she agrees.
they make plans and arrange a day.
he never shows.

i think this is so weird of him because HE is always the one to make plans.
so why doesn't he show??

its not because he's using her for sex.
she already told him that sex is out of the question and ain't happening.

its not because he doesnt like her. (i dont think)
their conversations are so sappy, it makes me sick.

so what is it??

i feel so bad because as her best friend, i can't give her advice. i honestly have no idea what this guy is thinking, except that maybe he's nervous to start hanging out with her again.

i dont know.
help? please??
it would be appreciatedddd.
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