Michaela Chloe (micadoodle2008) wrote in i_miss_xyou,
Michaela Chloe

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I hate this...

I hate your smile,
I hate your eyes,
I hate your tone,
I hate your smell,
I hate your perspective,
I hate the way you walk,
I hate the way you talk,
I hate your jokes,
I hate your emails,
I hate your dance moves,
I hate your explanations,
I hate your political views,
I hate your reasoning,
I hate your laugh,
I hate your sensitivity,
I hate your manlyness,
I hate it all,
But what I hate most is the way...
I don't hate you.
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May 7 2005, 19:35:09 UTC 12 years ago

Umm...who are you? It's fine if you comment but I would appreciate knowing who you are.
I'm not a member of this community or anything, but... I read this and it's saying how I feel. :) You wrote it just right! ~claps~