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I'm new, and this is my story

i've known this guy since about third grade, his sister and i were best friends because we were only born a week apart. for a long time all he ever was was my best friends older brother who i just happened to have a teeny tiny little girl crush on, then this summer things suddenly changed, he wasn't just my best friend's brother who was 3 years older than me. suddenly he was more than that, we started hanging out all the time, started talking about things that were important, started flirting constantly, and then one day we both kind of let it all out. we told each other how we felt about each other and bada bing bada boom we started dating. i fell head over heals immediatley, and i thought that it was the same way for him. then a month and half later he emails me to tell me that it jsut isn't working for him, and it isn't something he can make work either. that he doesn't really have any feelings towards me and doesn't know if he ever did. i'm like WHAT?! i cried and cried and cried and cried. and i decided that no matter what i still wanted to be friends, but then he decided he couldn't handle that, he couldn't handle us beign friends, not even a nice hello. then i jus tkind of kept to myself, and didn't see him for 3 months straight, but then i went back to church and saw him, and yeah, feelings, oh wow, they all fell right back into place, it was terrible. the only good part, he actually started talking to me again and we are now friends again, the problem: he may be in love with my other best friend, jeanna. UH OH! another problem: i'm still in love with brandon, and if he's in love with jeanna, well, thats an obvious problem! tell me what you think. have you been in a situation like this? i'd love to hear about it. thanks!
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