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I've got a problem, that much we know. (NEED ADVICE!)

Please click below, I need advice! Gracias in advance!

Well frist things first...
***Michaela-me-dated Brandon for about a month, I've known him since third grade, I've been in love with him...oh, about a year now, but I've had feelings for him since about sixth grade...oh jeeze.
*****Jeanna-her-oober close friend of mine, and Brandon's as well. About a week and a half ago she tells me she has some major feelings for Brandon, she wanted to tell me first. The news took me by total suprise but I told her I was fine with that. I didn't want to be all catty about it and say what was "WTF! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING ME DISCONTINUE MY MEMBERSHIP AND YOU GO AND JOIN THE PROVERBIAL CLUB! OMG-WTF?!"
******Brandon-him-dated me for about a month, it started out great, but it ended because he realized he was still in love with his ex-fiancee...oh jeeze. we didn't talk for nearly two months after that, and now we are back as very good friends. And he and Jeanna are also very good friends...this presents a problem. I do not think that he likes her because they are complete and total opposties. They fight about everything, and while they are friends I just don't think it will ever be more than that, and neither does Jeanna.

Okay, so now for my perdicament.
Sunday we had our youth group canoe trip. The youth leaders chose our partners. I was partners with Lindsey, a girl my age who goes to Menomonie, she's a pretty awesome chica. Brandon got partnered with Jeanna. The whole time our canoes were by each other...well, pretty much the whole time. And Brandon was acting like he used to back in September when he liked me mucha. We were constantly joking and smiling and winking at each other, he even picked me up like he used to. He and Jeanna had a long talk about something, who knows what, and then the rest of the time it seemed as though they were fighting. However, Brandon's sister who is my age asked me if Brandon and Jeanna were dating because it seemed like Brandon was flirting with her a lot. I know they aren't dating, and I highly doubt he likes her, I mean, Krystal (Brandon's sister who asked me if they were dating) hates Brandon, and Brandon hates Krystal. They are never around each other and when they are Brandon is treating her like crap telling her to shut her mouth and such. So I'm thinking Krystal does not know what she's talking about, Brandon flirting with Jeanna...WHERE WAS I?! Because I sure as hell didn't see it. No, no sir I did not. So what do I do, do I talk to Brandon about it, do I leave it alone? Do I let things run their course whatever course that is? Do I tell Jeanna to back off biatch? I am so confused. Brandon is the love of my life, I know no one will ever compair to him...but how do I tell him that. I want him and only him, now the problem is HOW DO I GET HIM?! I got him once before but he didn't stay gotten. Damn. it. all. Yes, that's right I said damnitall! Damn It All!
I need some advice so drop me a line or too! Muchos gracias! Thank you so much!
Michaela Chloe
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